Welcome to Vamos Sunshine !

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Hello, I am Renée, the sunshine behind¡ Vamos ! Sunshine !

Enjoy being a storyteller and inspirer to influence other people , especially about travelling.

Being a solo female backpacker for a while , I got plenty of help from other travellers and locals on the road.

Hope my stories can motivate you a little bit to explore the world with me! 

Therefore, I am here to offer some help and advice.

So get ready and step out your comfort zone to begin your once in a life time adventure!

“Vamos” means “ Let’s go. “ in Spanish .
When staying in Latin America, I heard “ Vamos “ this word quite often . No matter to do something or to cheer up for the football team, “ Vamos” just exists everywhere! It also makes me feel like “ ok ! I am going to do something interesting !”

Therefore “ Vamos ! “ I am going to show you around the place I’ve been to through my photos , videos and articles.


What about Sunshine?


Well, since I'm from Taiwan, which has a humid subtropical climate. Once the temperature degrees drop below 20℃, it’s cold for me. Thus , I really need the sunshine to warm me up !!! I just love sunny day so much!
Look forward to being your sunshine as well, making your day by reading my stories and special experience!

With the combination of these two words together, it also cheers me up somehow whenever I feel frustrated or upset. “ ¡ Vamos Sunshine !” Let me be your sunshine and show you around!

Why “ ¡ Vamos Sunshine ! “?


So, who am I ?

MeHello, I am Renée J. Cooper from Taiwan. You can just call me Renée.
Jeju island airport
Tried to give high five with " Rain ", South Korea
I started to set my foot out of Taiwan to South Korea in third grade of university. At that moment, I didn’t really start my solo travelling quite yet. I stayed in Suwan,South Korea to take korean lessons and business courses in summer school. Just like typical young girl, I really enjoyed shopping. Almost every weekend, I hopped on bus to Seoul City for shopping.


Mauritius volunteer
Volunteered in Mauritius
Thinking about seeing different part of the world and hoping to practice my french, I headed to Mauritius for a 2 months voluntary job. Being a volunteer in an elementary school, I assisted other teachers to teach handicapped children. It was a special experience nevertheless quite frustrating work. Immersed in mix of african and indian cultures, I saw a total different world by interacting with mauritians and volunteers. So far, I still think mauritians are the most friendly people I’ve ever met.
me in NC
Internship in NC.
After graduating from university with majors of Business Administration / Food Science and Biotechnology. I started a completely different internship in North Carolina as a hotel        management intern. 
Sydney Opera theatre
Vivid Light Festival in Sydney
Few months back in Taiwan, there was always a sound in my head saying I should see more about the world. Following the trend, I began my working holiday life in Australia. Since I preferred to stay in a big city with great weather, I ended up living in Sydney for almost 1 year. My life in Sydney was busy! “ Work hard and Party hard “ was my motto. Really enjoy searching for hidden bars. ( I can make a list of great secret bars in Sydney for you!)
Soon after Australia, I started my travelling around the world trip with very slow pace ! July of 2014 , I began my epic journey in Bangkok ,Thailand and ended up in Chiang Mai ,Thailand in February of 2016.
 Unlike my travelling experience before, this time I roamed around the world as a solo backpacker. This trip definitely is the best time of my life , although I had to calculate my expense everyday and handled all the unexpected situations, etc.. My change is tremendous : from a city girl to a travel backpacker who can skip along with 30 kilos backpack at ease, from the girl who never hiked any mountains over 1,ooo M above sea level to the one who can conquered over 5,000 M mountain without any problem. 
Laguna Churup
Laguna Churup in Peru.
Look forward to becoming an independent traveller one day and roaming around the world again.